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PACC provides professional disability support services to people of all ages via the NDIS program.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a pioneering initiative that has transformed the landscape of disability support services in Australia. As a government-funded program, the NDIS offers financial aid and support to empower individuals with significant and long-term disabilities to help lead purposeful and joyful lives.

These services are designed to promote social engagement, participation, and independence by addressing each person's specific needs. This can include:

Tailored Disability Support Services

Disability support services are not just a one-size-fits-all approach. They are designed to meet individuals' diverse needs, preferences and support options, from daily living assistance to community involvement, therapeutic services, and specialised equipment. The NDIS allows people to seek services that align with their personal goals, making them feel understood and that they have a say in their disability support services plan.

At Para Ability Community Care (PACC), our support coordinators can help participants identify their goals and find the appropriate service providers to help them achieve those goals. Additionally, they can support continuous evaluation of what works best and how to use the assistance to live more independently.

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Empowering Independence

A primary objective of NDIS programs is to enhance participants' independence and confidence, as many individuals with disabilities may experience challenges with daily living activities or social interaction. PACC support staff can provide the training and encouragement needed to develop essential skills and help build confidence. This can include teaching communication strategies, practising social interactions, and navigating unfamiliar environments. Developing these skills encourages individuals to participate in their communities because they feel self-sufficient.

Support for Families and Carers

NDIS services extend their support not just to the participants but also to the families and carers who are integral to their lives. Resources such as education, respite care, and other support services are available to ensure that families receive the necessary assistance. This recognition of the crucial role of families and carers in the NDIS services sets it apart from other disability support services.

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Inclusivity and Accessible Disability Support Services

Services are designed to ensure that everyone can access the support they need regardless of their geographical location, cultural background, or language proficiency. PACC acknowledges the growth in cultural diversity, and we strive to provide disability support services that respect and respond to these differences. This includes offering services in multiple languages, employing culturally competent staff, and ensuring that cultural practices and traditions are respected in the delivery of care.

Fully accredited NDIS provider in Adelaide

Our purpose-built NDIS disability accommodation hub in Modbury offers care and support for participants in a community setting for people living with disability in Adelaide. PACC can facilitate a range of accommodation options through the NDIS in Adelaide and SA regional areas, including:

Staffed with experienced carers, our accommodation services are designed for universal access and the creature comforts of home.

Empowering Choice and Control

One of the main advantages of disability support services in through the NDIS is that it empowers participants by allowing them to choose and manage their support. This flexibility allows individuals to select service providers that best meet their needs and customise their support. This active participation and choice help to instil confidence and a sense of control while also helping to build strong relationships.

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Transforming Lives with Disability Support Services in Adelaide & SA

NDIS has revolutionised disability support services and improved the lives of many individuals with significant and long-term disability challenges. With a person-centred approach, tailored assistance, and a commitment to fostering independence and social inclusion, the NDIS opens doors to endless possibilities. By emphasising empowerment, inclusion, and continuous development, the scheme ensures that participants receive the support they need to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.

At PACC, we are a trusted registered NDIS provider that provides person-centred disability support services. We are committed to supporting participants in all their endeavours, including skills development and personal goals.