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Understanding the benefits for people living with a disability

One thing we all learned from 2020 and the years following was how much we craved community involvement and companionship. Having to isolate and deliberately avoid others significantly impacted our daily interactions. We learned that we appreciate social and community participation and looked forward to when life ‘returned to normal’.

Gladly, that’s behind us now and PACC, has taken what we’ve learnt from that time and used it to focus on expanding community participation through our NDIS day programs and staff-supported group activities.

We understand that when you're living with a disability, small tasks can feel overwhelming. Not everyone is the same, of course, but we know from experience that many people find it challenging to leave the security of home and get out into the community. But it’s worth the effort to try.

We’ve seen the following benefits in the people we have worked with to support their community involvement:

Disability support and social community involvement

Improved health and wellbeing

Getting out of the house is fun and exciting. Taking in some fresh air, talking with friends, seeing a movie, or having a coffee at a shopping centre are all enjoyable activities that can fill you with energy and enthusiasm. Just the enjoyment you experience when having a fun day can improve your wellbeing and help manage anxiety about trying new things another day.

Sense of belonging

Participating in a group outing or being surrounded by supportive friends who are there for you is a wonderful feeling. That's why we have designed day trip disability support service programs that visit a variety of locations in collaboration with Advan Tours and Leisure Links. These group activities and disability programs cater for all participants' emotional, intellectual, and physical requirements and have been designed to create shared participant experiences featuring cultural and educational opportunities and incorporating interesting destinations.

We also have more extensive programs like our Adelaide Hills Cudlee Escape Program. Located on 22 acres of scenic property in the Adelaide Hills this allows groups to be immersed in nature together and spend a night away from the usual routine. Just sitting around a campfire together under the stars promotes strengthened bonds and friendships.

Enhanced social skills

By interacting with other like-minded people, you can develop communication skills, which will assist you when communicating with family and negotiating with carers, plan managers and caseworkers.

Taking opportunities to socialise in small groups provides a relaxed and structured environment where you can feel comfortable being yourself. Designed to accommodate daytime activities for people ages 7 and up, participants at our purpose-built day centre at Modbury, can try new hobbies and develop new skills from arts and crafts to gardening and much more.


Trying new activities with regular social and community interaction helps build confidence, which in turn, aids decision-making. By discovering your personal preferences and understanding how you feel most comfortable whilst within a supportive environment, you can gain the skills to grow your confidence in unfamiliar situations and further grow independence.

You will gain confidence and learn to develop independence by trying new activities

Beneficial to the whole community

We all benefit when everyone in the community can live life to the fullest. At PACC, we help you live your best life by providing day and overnight disability support service programs that you will enjoy and support you engage in the community. We invite you to come and join in the fun at our day centre and start seeing the benefits instantly.