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We offer the best NDIS community participation programs in Adelaide

We have fully supported group outings and activities to suit a wide range of interests, from lawn bowls to nature escapes and educational programs.

Community participation programs are a core support in your NDIS plan. Community participation is essential because it allows participants to enjoy meaningful participation in the community.

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Why group activities?

Being part of a group feels good. For many, a group dynamic inspires the confidence to try new things, join an activity and make new friends. Group situations can help people develop important life and interpersonal skills, all while having fun.

Our inclusive excursions are carefully planned to ensure each individual has the support they need from our specialist support workers. We go to all sorts of places and do all kinds of activities that cover a broad range of interests.

Benefits of community participation activities

Our NDIS community participation programs allow kids and adults to take a break from their daily routine and engage in community, recreational and social activities. Our friendly carers are with them every step of the way to support their ability to participate independently and develop valuable life skills.

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Quality community participation activities are essential for physical, mental and emotional well-being. Experiencing positive interactions with the world around us helps those living with a physical or intellectual disability to find the self-confidence to participate independently.

Our NDIS community participation programs are designed to be fun, engaging and productive. It’s all about providing enhanced sensory experiences, heightened mental alertness, social interactions and the opportunity to make new friends. Taking a break from the daily routine and stepping out into a new environment with the right support can lead to increased self-esteem, improved interpersonal and communication skills, and the confidence to be themselves and make independent decisions.

Tips to make your accessible adventure a success.

Make your accessible adventure successful by being prepared. Here’s a list of things we recommend you put in your bag for your big day out.

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