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Short Term Accommodation, including respite, for NDIS participants and families

The NDIS plays a crucial role in facilitating participants’ independence and quality of life by providing them with the necessary supports and services to live life on their terms. This includes providing funding for housing, and home and daily living support. At PACC, we offer a variety of housing and home support services to ensure you receive the assistance you need to live independently.

What is Short Term Accommodation?

The NDIS scheme defines Short Term Accommodation (STA) as a stay in a different location from your usual home for up to 14 days at a time, with a maximum of 28 days yearly covered by your plan.

Benefits of Short Term Accommodation?

When it comes to funding for Short Term Accommodation, the focus is on providing respite care rather than being viewed as “holiday accommodation”, and is often used for quick breaks, usually just for a few days at a time. Caring for individuals with disabilities requires a tremendous amount of love, dedication, and effort from both the NDIS participant and their families. Respite care in the form of Short Term Accommodation provides much-needed relief, allowing family members to rest, recharge, and take care of their own well-being

The availability of Short Term Accommodation also offers NDIS participants a valuable opportunity to temporarily step away from their daily routines, partake in engaging experiences, meet new people, or reconnect with friends, and delve into their personal interests.

Short Term Accommodation adds additional benefits for individuals by enabling them to boost vital life skills and grow their abilities through curated activities and personalised assistance, such as those offered at PACC. These experiences help contribute to the overall well-being and personal growth of the participant, which enhances their quality of life.

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Short Term Accommodation with PACC

Our own purpose-built facility in Modbury is uniquely constructed to provide you with access to a variety of accommodation types, including respite care Adelaide. Our fully equipped ensuite rooms are designed with universal accessibility in mind, making them suitable for everyone. Each of our rooms is fully equipped with amenities, including lockable cupboards, Smart TVs, downlights, and internet access. Plus, each room comes with a specially designed ensuite and large windows to let in plenty of natural light.

If we are temporarily unable to accommodate the participant on-site, we also have a continuously expanding community network of certified shared accommodation options within houses in the north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide.

Short-term accommodation inclusions at PACC

Short Term Accommodation also consists of any required personal care, food, and activities agreed to with PACC during the participants stay. Activities such our on-site day options programs, and other organised activities like gardening and cooking, are also included. Think of it as delivering everything you would typically need at home.

Choosing the right accommodation provider

Which Short Term Accommodation provider you choose will make a big difference to the standard of living the participant will enjoy. At PACC, our dedicated client affairs manager for supported independent living, works with you to find the best option. We understand that everyone’s needs and requirements are different, and we see our role as dynamic and do not take a one-size-fits-all approach.

We carefully consider the ratio of carers required for your individual circumstances, and we can tailor our support to meet your needs. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals.