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Medium Term Accommodation for NDIS participants

To ensure National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants receive the right level of assistance needed to live independently, Our PACC offers a variety of housing and home support services including short-term, medium-term, long-term, and specialist disability accommodation.

What is Medium Term Accommodation?

In December 2019, the concept of medium term accommodation was implemented to assist NDIS participants who require a place to stay while waiting for a long-term housing solution. Medium term accommodation is often utilised when the participant's support requirements have altered, resulting in their regular housing arrangements being temporarily unsuitable or unavailable.

MTA assistance is a part of the residential support funding that can be subsidized through the NDIS. It offers assistance for temporary living arrangements in cases where the participant is waiting for a permanent residence to become available or waiting for it to be fit for use. For example:

This form of housing support is not a stand-alone arrangement, and it is incorporated into the participant’s housing and living support arrangements within their NDIS plan.

NDIS assisted medium term accommodation

Funding for Medium Term Accommodation?

MTA funding only covers the rental cost of that accommodation for up to 90 days, as it is a temporary and an additional cost due to the participant’s disability support needs. However, this can be extended depending on your needs and circumstances.

Funding for this accommodation is usually a one-time allowance because the NDIS assumes that once the participant locates to their long-term residence, there won’t be a further need for Medium Term Accommodation.

It is important to note that to fund Medium Term Accommodation, the NDIS needs evidence that the participant has somewhere to move into at the end of the funding period, otherwise funding may not be granted. Medium Term Accommodation does not serve as a substitute for emergency housing or short-term accommodation. Our client affairs team at PACC are here to help give guidance through the process if assistance is needed.

Some of the benefits of Medium Term Accommodation

MTA at Our PACC provides a secure and supportive living environment that fosters a sense of belonging and helps reduce anxiety for participants needing stability during a period of transition. It also offers the advantage of extended support services under the NDIS, catering to diverse needs such as daily activities, personal care, medication management, and other individualized requirements. By tailoring support to meet specific needs, Medium Term Accommodation ensures on-going personalised care through individualised plans crafted by dedicated support workers.

Additionally, Medium Term Accommodation acts as a platform for skill development, enabling participants to acquire and refine important life skills, vocational proficiencies, and community engagement abilities. While staying with us, participants are encouraged to get involved in our specialised programs that emphasise skill enhancement and community involvement, which helps contribute to enhancing independence, boosting self-confidence, and elevating quality of life.

Why Our PACC is the right choice

At Para Ability Community Care, we are pleased to be a NDIS provider with a purpose built and designed facility perfectly suited to Medium Term Accommodation, as well as short-term accommodation and specialist disability accommodation.

We also acknowledge that everyone that stays with us has unique needs and preferences, so we pride ourselves on being adaptable and avoid using a standardised approach.